Ownership of Our Educational Future

Take responsibility for the education of our children and be clear in what we want for them.

Unifying Around a Shared Vision

Commit to a unifying vision and create our future together.

Releasing the Potential in Our Children

Set free the great potential that is currently locked away in our children – and the rest of us.

About Us

Creating a Shared Vision

We believe that much of what is needed in any school already is there, it's only a matter of extracting the best ideas. These form the foundation for a clear vision of the school to strive to realize.

Implementing a Long-Term Plan

Based on staff feedback, impact on student achievement, costs, training needs, and the time demands of various tasks, we create a long-term plan that is achievable within the reality of balanced lives for both staff and families.

Continuous School Improvement

Implementing change takes time. We work together with the school for years to continuously improve and fine-tune the use of OUR Processes so that they are embedded deeply in the everyday life of school.

Graduate Program

Ongoing contact with the Network is maintained through the Graduate Program. This provides ongoing networking and coaching, as well as access to the other perks of being a member.

Reasons to Join Us

On-site facilitators

Each year for the first three years, two facilitators will work closely with the school leadership to help design the change processes and implement each phase of the program.

Personal coaching

OUR facilitators are personal coaches for the principal/headmaster for three years. This coaching is done in a style, and pace, that best suit each school leader.

A network of learning

Discuss and learn together with others of the OUR Education Network.

Newsletter & Conference

Get the bi-monthly newsletter as well as free attendence for up to five staff at the annually held National Leaders' Day.


I want to thank you sincerely for your support over the last 3 years. We have replaced hopelessness with hope, and exhaustion with achievement. We are a much healthier place with more learning and better quality thinking.


Canon Hill State School, Australia

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