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Note that it is important to us that everyone invited to join OUR Network is well matched to OUR mental models and values, so this is far from an automated process. We want success for everyone involved, which is why we encourage you to first read through our webpage before contacting us to initiate a dialogue.

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What You Get

In the three first years as a member, you get:

  • Two OUR Network Facilitators who work closely with the school leaders to design the change processes. The facilitators are on site for two days each year to facilitate each phase of the program.
  • A development program for your whole school staff, including the leadership, for three years.
  • Personal coaching for the principal/headteacher done in a style, and at a pace, that best suits each school leader.
  • Free attendance for up to five staff at the National Leaders’ Day, which is held once per year.
  • Six bi-monthly OUR Education Network Newsletters.
  • Access to this website and other facilitated networking that you require.

After three years you will have your Shared Vision, your Core Values, and your own Long Term Development Plan that will be two years into implementation. Staff will own the innovations they have designed and are implementing together to achieve the Shared Vision they created at the start of the process.

On graduation from the three-year program you can join OUR Graduate Program.