The Network

Our Education Network is an international network of schools creating their own futures through internally-driven change processes. They are turning their Shared Vision for their school into lived reality on their site. Each school develops a unique action plan based on their rich collective experience. They implement what they know is needed for their children and their school. This involves searching the world for international best practice aligned to their Vision. They also draw on their shared mastery to answer their own questions.

A Growing Network

The original process was designed through the combined work of Dr John Edwards, a leading researcher in cognitive science and Bill Martin, an award-winning principal. This core process ensures that all voices are heard, respected and acted upon through consensus and action learning. The process has been refined and refined through experience across six countries: Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Norway and the United States. It is continually evolving through action research.

Whilst Bill Martin was leading schools successfully through early iterations of these processes, John Edwards was researching the creative leadership of change and working with Bill’s schools. The work of each influenced the other. From this base, OUR Education Network started internationally with two schools in 2003. By 2015 this has grown at a measured, designed pace, to over one hundred and forty schools.