I was stunned by the amount of enthusiasm generated. I can now see that we have created the motivation and commitment to move forwards together, with everyone contributing to the growth, development and success of our school.


Amble First School, Amble, UK

I want to thank you sincerely for your support over the last 3 years. We have replaced hopelessness with hope, and exhaustion with achievement. We are a much healthier place with more learning and better quality thinking.


Canon Hill State School, Brisbane, Australia

There is a high degree of commitment to a recently developed vision, created by the staff, board and community. This vision accurately reflects the school community’s aspirations for high quality educational outcomes for it’s students.

ERO Review 2006

Murupara School, Murupara, New Zealand

Parents, governors and staff speak openly about the significant impact of the current headteacher. This is reflected in better teaching, a lively curriculum, good behaviour and rising standards. The headteacher's approach is collegiate. She has generated a debate within the school about the type of school that staff wished to create and how it would meet the needs of the pupils and the community. This process was a model of good practice. It was research-based, engaged all staff and generated a strong sense of commitment and belonging; staff speak about feeling valued and able to contribute. The outcomes were a five year plan which identifies clearly the key priorities to raise standards. This process has provided a clear sense of direction to the school and a shared purpose.

Ofsted Report

Sandringham Primary School, Doncaster, UK

Thoroughly enjoyable two days. This has been a great experience as a whole staff. The process you use to obtain data and create the vision, and the whole research process, creates a sense of ownership for ALL staff members. There are few other ways to unify a staff so rapidly and to clarify where they are going so well.

Secondary School Teacher

Christchurch, New Zealand

I must admit that I was somewhat cynical about these two days before we started – I wondered how such short times of input from yourselves could make a difference. Also, I LOATHE brainstorming sessions and PD where we are required to do all the work and teach the facilitators. Thus I came into these sessions in a more negative frame of mind. I’ve also thought to myself "I can’t do research". I haven't been to university. And with a downgrade of my qualification on the last pay-round I have felt undervalued. This experience has helped me to appreciate my colleagues more, to accept myself and my own personal practical knowledge, which prior to this I dismissed as being somewhat irrelevant. I have an open mind towards the future – I genuinely feel "professionally developed" and I am willing to give this a go as far as I am able.

Secondary School Teacher

Auckland, New Zealand

The review finds that the process of developing a shared vision has had a positive impact on teaching and learning strategies across the school. Staff and students share a commitment to learning and exploring ideas.

ERO Review 2006

Baverstock Oaks School, Auckland, New Zealand